We can talk about our company all we want, but the best gauge of our abilities and desires comes from the TESTIMONY of our customers. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to relate to you some of the good experience we have had with FiberTite roofing systems made by Seaman Corporation and installed by Summit BSR Roofing Company from Bristol, Tennessee, and the relationship of our companies. 

Prior to the devastation caused to our area by Hurricane Hugo in September 1989, we had installed a FiberTite roof on one or our buildings.  In this installation we faced the potential of a complete tearoff of roof and Tectum deck over a critical production operation.  Of the installers/manufacturers that we considered, Summit/Seaman was the only one who recommended and innovative approach to installing FiberTite over the existing built up roof with sufficient satisfactory fasteners to meet Factory Mutual’s I-90 requirements.  This involved installing 7,000 fasteners through the FiberTite sheet with 7,000 heat welded covers. 

Summit BSR kept the work area clean without being badgered to do so and sealed off the work area at the end of each day so that we experienced no production Downtime during the installation of the roof.” 

“In 1995 we had a severe hailstorm that did damage in the amount of $197,000 to Albany International roofs and rooftop equipment.  The FiberTite roof sustained no damage.  However, a roof made of a single ply system of another manufacturer failed completely.  This roof was replaced by Summit BSR with a FiberTite system.  Only recently has Summit BSR installed a third small FiberTite roof over a switchgear house.  It is a fact that we experience fewer problems with FiberTite roofs than with any of the several other roofs that we have installed on our 240,000 SF facility.   

Needless to say, I endorse and recommend without reservation Seaman Corporation, their FiberTite roofing system, Summit BSR Roofing Company, and the personnel of both companies.” 

Ralph Hendricks, Albany International, Plant Engineer, retired 

“With respect to the way your promptly handled the roof leak on our building, it was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air to find out that there are still people who acknowledge responsibility instead of finding excuses, and take pride in a job well done.  We will certainly recommend your company for roofing services.” 

James E. Rasnic, W, B, & R, LLC 

“Thank you to you and your staff for the excellent workmanship and excellent product that you installed on our flat roofs.”   

“Certainly, God has bestowed many blessing on First Presbyterian Church and our work with you was another one of those blessings.” 

Betsy Galliher, First Presbyterian Church, Bristol, TN, Church Business Administrator



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